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Take a Leap of Faith

Leap Day is upon us. Did you know the reason for a leap day, or leap year is because our calendar doesn’t follow the Earth’s orbit around the sun exactly. Each year, we have a little time to spare. So every four years, we put all that time together into an extra day, which is of course February 29th, or leap day. For Piedmont Delivery Service that just means an extra day to help our customers with their urgent deliveries. Never to disappoint, our drivers have been extra busy lately. Many of our deliveries have been large motors, which we know are not easy to transport, that’s why you call us. From Wholesome Harvest in Roanoke, Virginia to Lubrizol Advanced Materials in the Carolinas, we are here to help you and appreciate the faith you have in our company to get your operation back up and running.

So this year, feel free to “take a leap of faith”, enjoy your extra day, and make it a good one!

All My Best,

Eddie Eubanks


Piedmont Delivery Service, LLC

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