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Sunny D

Nice to see the sunshine and warm temperatures as you might find a need to grab a Sunny D. For those around in the 1960’s it was best known as Sunny Delight. The orange drink is now owned by Harvest Hill Beverage Company. It was created by two dads, Howard Dick and Phil Grinell, as a great tasting alternative to frozen orange beverages. One of the company’s manufacturing partners is in Atlanta, Georgia and that’s where Jamie Alford needed the help of Piedmont Delivery Service. A part was needed to keep the orange drink flowing. Despite the notoriously busy Atlanta traffic, Piedmont Delivery Service arrived at 9:00pm with part in hand. Never fear, Piedmont Delivery is here for you and that’s why we call it

The Piedmont Difference!


Eddie Eubanks


Piedmont Delivery Service, LLC


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