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Power On

The New Year brings severe storms across the United States, from California to the east coast. For many, that means high winds, tornadoes and thunderstorms that are wreaking havoc on power grids. In the midwest, a portion of the country depends on the Noblesville Station owned by Duke Energy. Built in 1950, it was originally a coal-fired plant with two steam turbines. In 2003, to increase efficiency, new turbines were joined to a heat recovery steam generator, which turns heat into energy. It was here in Noblesville, Indiana that Matt Cox needed an electrical panel. Piedmont Delivery Service, with a promise of same-day delivery, was pulling up to the doors of the plant at 7:35pm. Our hats off to all of those utility lineman who brave the cold and ice to restore our power. Piedmont Delivery Service thanks you for your dedication and service.

All My Best,

Eddie Eubanks


Piedmont Delivery


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