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Michelin Man Needs a Hand

The French tire company, Michelin, has good news to share. The company’s North American headquarters is in Greenville, South Carolina and this past month was named the number one large employer in the automotive industry in the U.S. by Forbes Magazine. With more than 23 thousand employees and manufacturing facilities dotted across the U.S. Michelin is best known not only for its tires but the Michelin Man. The puffy white mascot has been around since 1898. Ironically, Friday night Piedmont Delivery Service was called to help two of Michelin’s plants. One in Greenville that needed a pump and the other in Midland City, Alabama that needed a large part. Both of our drivers made it on time, the same-day as promised to get the plants back and up and running. We call it The Piedmont Difference!

All My Best,

Eddie Eubanks


Piedmont Delivery Service, LLC


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