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Kindness Always Wins

All of us at Piedmont Delivery Service are busy these days trying to make sure your delivery is on time as promised. Sometimes there are unforeseen obstacles, traffic, delays from the vendor, etc. Each step of the way, it's our policy to communicate with your updates, where we are and what time you can expect your delivery. We are committed to a level of service that we hope exceeds all expectations. We recently were asked to make a delivery to Coca Cola in Atlanta. Diane Boyles with Applied Industrial Technologies in Lithia Springs, Georgia was kind to share her experience with our service:

“Great service, it’s a rare thing these days!

I appreciate the great communication. When someone has a line down folks get crazy wanting to know when the fix will arrive.

I just wanted you to know. So many couriers do not communicate worth a flip.”

Thanks Diane for the kind words, we appreciate your business and look forward to more opportunities to serve our loyal customers.

All My Best,

Eddie Eubanks


Piedmont Delivery Service, LLC


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