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Have you ever wondered where drug companies store all of their goods? If you are talking about the drug company giant Walgreens, then you can look no further than Williamston, South Carolina. It’s here where Walgreen’s has its southeastern distribution center. For those not familiar with South Carolina, that’s in the Upstate region of the state. The facility is big, more than 400 thousand square feet of warehouse space, including 95 docks. In today’s world, drug stores are staying busy and Walgreens is no exception, employing close to 250 thousand people. Barry Smith reached out to Piedmont Delivery Service needing a part, quickly. Piedmont Delivery Service was on site within a half an hour with part in hand to get the facility back up and running. We call that dependable, same-day delivery service The Piedmont Difference!

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Eddie Eubanks


Piedmont Delivery Service, LLC


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