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Sherwin-Williams Color of the Year

As we approach 2020, did you know there is such a thing as the color of the year? Yep - Sherwin-Williams is getting in on the design trend by revealing Naval SW 6244 as its 2020 Color of the Year. A spokesperson for Sherwin-Williams says the navy hue is reminiscent of the night sky, which people have looked to for centuries for guidance, as a reminder to all of us to live more mindfully. With that in mind, it’s no secret Sherwin-Williams has for years been the go-to for household paint, coatings for industrial equipment such as cars and even airplanes. The global headquarters is located in Cleveland, Ohio and just down the road is Grove City, Ohio where Sherwin-Williams has one of its manufacturing plants. That’s where Bob Williams needed a motor on a Thursday night. Piedmont Delivery Service delivered the motor around midnight to get the plant back up and running. Cheers to 2020 and your safe bet at finding the Naval hue paint color ready for fashion forward decorating.

All My Best,

Eddie Eubanks


Piedmont Delivery Service, LLC

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