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Big Things Come in Small Packages

You’ve heard the saying “big things come in small packages”. Well, that was certainly the case with Rich’s Products out of Morristown, Tennessee. Rich’s Products is a family-owned business serving food industry professionals around the world. It all started about 75 years ago when Rich’s created the world’s first non-dairy whipped topping. The company hasn’t slowed down and has expanded to more than 100 countries acquiring products and innovating technology along the way. In Morristown, Jeff Barry needed a small two pound box to get the cake factory back online. Piedmont Delivery Service is many times called as a courier service, besides transporting heavy equipment and motors. So off to Tennessee we went with the small two pound box on board. It was just the right part at the right time and we’re happy to say Rich’s Products is back online. We call it The Piedmont Difference!

All My Best,

Eddie Eubanks


Piedmont Delivery Service, LLC

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