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Go Further

If it weren’t for Henry Ford, who we can thank for the miracle of the automobile, there would be no Piedmont Delivery Service. For years, our licensed and insured drivers have spent countless hours on the nation’s roadways to help our customers with their rush deliveries. Ford, of course, was the American inventor and engineer who founded the Ford Motor Company. Just outside Cleveland, Ohio is Ford Motor Company’s Cleveland Engine Plant No. 1. The manufacturing site opened in the 1950’s and was the site of production for Ford’s first overhead valve engine, the Lincoln V8. Since then millions of dollars have been spent on improvements to accommodate a new production line. Jose Rodriquez with Ford Motor Company, discovered on a Wednesday night he desperately needed a small part to keep the line up and running. Thanks to the good work of our drivers at Piedmont Delivery Service, we were able to pick up the part at 5:30pm and head to the Buckeye state early the next morning at 4:00am. So as Ford’s new catchy slogan “Go Further” suggests…. We’re glad to help the automaker continue its mission to “Go Further” to make their cars better.

With Gratitude to our Customers,

Eddie Eubanks


Piedmont Delivery Service, LLC

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