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Motoring to Alabama

For car aficionados, we don’t have to explain the Borbet Wheel. In the late ‘80’s the Borbet Wheel became a global success as a high quality lightweight alloy wheel. The German based company Borbet employs more than four thousand workers, and in 2008 purchased a manufacturing facility near Auburn, Alabama. It was late Friday afternoon when Piedmont Delivery Service got the call, that Borbet needed a motor pronto. Friday nights and weekends are never off limits for Piedmont Delivery Service, so our driver picked up the motor at 6:00pm and had it at the door of Borbet by 10:42. Michael Walker with Borbet told our driver, “you sure did get here quickly”. Music to our ears at Piedmont Delivery Service.

All my best,

Eddie Eubanks,


Piedmont Delivery Service, LLC

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