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Happy New Year!

The New Year brings with it all kinds of expectations. Maybe you have resolved to get back to the gym, eat healthy, or even spend more time with your family. Whatever your plans, I hope you are more than successful in 2017.

All of us at Piedmont Delivery Service understand many times you need your delivery in a rush, and we will do our best to be there for you with our licensed, insured and professional drivers at the wheel, keeping you informed every step of the way.

Just a couple of weeks ago, one of our customers, Georgia Pacific in Big Island, Virginia was so excited to see us, they came running to the car, elated at our arrival with their much needed timing belts.

That’s our goal for 2017, to let you know we appreciate your business and will work hard to make sure your delivery is on time and handled with the utmost care. Affordable, Dependable, Professional….. We call it the Piedmont Difference.

Happy New Year!

Eddie Eubanks,


Piedmont Delivery Service, LLC

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