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Picture Perfect Delivery

It’s not uncommon for people to ask why the Fuji Film Corporation picked South Carolina for the location of the company’s North American Manufacturing and Research and Development Headquarters. More than one thousand people work at the company’s Greenwood, South Carolina site, measuring more than 2.5 million square feet. In case you are wondering, that’s the size of more than 40 football fields under one roof. To say it’s a big operation is an understatement. When Stephanie Thompson at Fuji Film called us needing a product to be dropped off and then picked up again in Charlotte, North Carolina over the weekend, we knew it was important. Our driver at Piedmont Delivery Service dropped off the product Friday afternoon and then was back in Charlotte early Monday morning to make the pick up. The next stop, Fuji Film, clocking in at 8:40am, with time to spare for our promised 9:00am delivery. Affordable, Dependable, Professional. We call it the Piedmont Difference!

Eddie Eubanks,


Piedmont Delivery Service

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