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Stamp of Approval

Acme Brick company prides itself on quality and service as the nation’s largest American owned brickmaker. Founded in 1891, it has a proud history with the stamp of approval from the Homebuyers’ 100 Year Limited Guarantee and the famous Good Housekeeping Seal. Late one afternoon, around 5:30 pm when most businesses would be closed, Acme Brick in Leeds, Alabama called Piedmont Delivery Service with a desperate need for a part. Within 45 minutes of the call, our driver was on his way to Alabama with part in hand, and the delivery was made by 10:45 pm. Alvin Langham with Acme Brick was very happy with our quick service, recognizing that Piedmont Delivery Service also shares in the attributes of the best quality and service.

Eddie Eubanks,


Piedmont Delivery Service

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