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Snow and Ice on The Way

While the Carolinas are enjoying unseasonably warm weather, hazardous travel is forecast for this weekend as a winter storm is expected to dump snow and ice across the Midwest and Northeast. By Saturday, heavy snow is expected in Pennsylvania, New York and much of New England. Piedmont Delivery Service knows what it’s like to travel in the snow. Our driver was just in Fredericksburg, Pennsylvania delivering a motor to the Sherwin-Williams Distribution Center. Snowy weather blanketed the roads as we pulled up about 10:49pm. Jason Leininger with Sherwin-Williams was happy to see us. Sherwin-Williams prides itself on its strong relationships with suppliers as it continues to be the leading paint and coatings company for more than 150 years. Piedmont Delivery Service shares in those same values and is once again able to provide quality same-day service, rain, snow or shine.

All My Best,

Eddie Eubanks


Piedmont Delivery Service, LLC

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