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The Road Well Traveled

Piedmont Delivery Service is keeping busy this summer and we are thankful for your business. Our professional drivers are loyal employees who have been with the company for years and continue to bring you same-day, on-time deliveries. Cody Avery at Boise Cascade was happy to see us during the recent busy Fourth of July Holiday. Boise Cascade is a leading manufacturer and distributor of building materials, based out of Boise, Idaho. The publicly traded company has a mill in Thorsby, Alabama and that’s where they needed a small part during the height of the Holiday traffic. Our driver made the pick-up at 5:30pm and was pulling up to the mill around 10:47pm Central time as scheduled. Piedmont Delivery Service knows the way because we keep the road well travelled. We call it The Piedmont Difference!

My Best to You,

Eddie Eubanks


Piedmont Delivery Service, LLC

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