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Coordination at its Best

Angleboard is one of the leading providers of protective packaging in the United States. Think about the packaging for processed foods, beverages, chemicals and even manufactured goods such as lumber and steel. The packaging company has been around since the 1960’s, and now has 11 manufacturing facilities across the U.S., including a plant in Darlington, South Carolina. That’s where Marty Metz needed a part at 5pm on a Friday night. Piedmont Delivery Service is known for its constant communication with not only its drivers, but customers as well promising same-day delivery. With a driver nearby, the coordination was efficient and timely, picking up the desperately needed part for Marty Metz and taking it straight to Angleboard on a busy Friday afternoon. Keeping our customers happy is always our #1 priority! Coordination is key and we call that The Piedmont Difference!

All My Best,

Eddie Eubanks


Piedmont Delivery Service, LLC

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