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The Thirst Quencher

In 1965 the medical team for the University of Florida Gators came up with a sports drink called Gatorade, however, it wasn’t until the 1990’s it really took off. Gatorade is still considered one of the leading sports drinks on the market and with its popularity has come more distribution and manufacturing facilities. One of those is in Wytheville, Virginia. Kay Friend at the Gatorade bottling and distribution facility needed a motor to get them back up and running. The facility is large, more than 950,000 square feet, employing more than 300 people, so the need was urgent. Transporting a motor meant picking it up at 6pm and rushing it to Virginia. Our mission was a success and as they say all’s well that ends well. In the land of Gatorade, life’s a sport, drink it up!

All my best,

Eddie Eubanks


Piedmont Delivery Service, LLC

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