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Same Day Shipping

Smithfield Foods Incorporated is a big operation, with more than 52,000 employees worldwide. The company is still based out of the town where it was founded, Smithfield, Virginia. The global food company is the largest pork processor and hog producer. One of their packaging plants is in Tar Heel, North Carolina. That’s where Piedmont Delivery Service was able to help with the shipment of a very large motor. Jimmy Martinez with Smithfield Packaging Company needed this motor quickly. We got the call around 5pm on a Wednesday night and because Piedmont Delivery Service uses state of the art large transport vans, we were able to deliver the motor by 10:45pm the same day. We were happy to get them back up and running with our promise of same day shipping.

All my best,

Eddie Eubanks,


Piedmont Delivery Service

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