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All’s Well That Ends Well

Bluffton, Indiana is a small community in northeastern Indiana, and it’s also the home of Allexin, LLC. The company produces high quality aluminum extrusion ingot. And to do so they buy loose scrap, lots of it, about 19 million pounds of scrap a month. Anthony Tappy with Allexin needed a 120 pound motor, so our driver at Piedmont Delivery Service picked up the motor around 7:00pm Friday night and began the trek to the Hoosier state. Some 10 hours later, driving through the night, our driver arrived at 5:47am Saturday morning.. To say they were happy to see us, well…. Let’s just say all’s well that ends well. Just another day at Piedmont Delivery Service.

All my best,

Eddie Eubanks,


Piedmont Delivery Service, LLC

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