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Chicken Check In

Case Farms in Morganton, North Carolina is considered one of the leading poultry producers in the country. Founded in 1986, the company has operations in Ohio, Maryland and across the state of North Carolina. On average, Case Farms produces more than 800 million pounds of fresh, partially cooked and frozen-for-export poultry products every year.

Piedmont Delivery Service was called in when David McHugh at Case Farms desperately needed the quick delivery of an electrical part. One of the poultry processing lines was down, and we all know time is money when it comes to manufacturing operations. We got the call at 10:00am that the part would be ready in 25 minutes. We dispatched a driver pronto and the part was picked up at 10:25am and in the hands of David McHugh and crew by 12:25pm. That rush delivery is the name of our game! We call it the Piedmont Difference!

Eddie Eubanks,


Piedmont Delivery Service

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