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The Piedmont Difference

Same day delivery service

Licensed, insured, professional drivers

Fleet of cargo vans and energy efficient hybrid cars

Immediate notification of delivery tracking

Coverage area Mid-Atlantic to the Southeast

Affordable, Dependable, Professional courier service based in Upstate  South Carolina with more than 20 years in the commercial delivery service industry.


Legal documents, electric motors and complex machinery parts and belts with load capacity up to 3500 pounds. We can take care of all of your delivery needs.


Piedmont Delivery Service

An Affordable, Dependable & Professional Delivery Service

New State of the Art Transport Vans


New transport vans have joined the fleet at Piedmont Delivery Service. The vans are not only longer, wider and higher than traditional vans, but they will also haul a heavier load. This is especially useful for our customers who have larger machinery and heavy motors that need additional space.

"Thank you so much for your efficient service…"

Kelly Adams


Norcross, Georgia

April 2024

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