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Turkey Trot

Winding down the summer and everyone back at school, it’s still a little early to be thinking about our Thanksgiving turkey. For the folks at Butterball Turkey, it’s never too early. The Butterball Company is the nation’s largest turkey processor, with five plants in the United States. The complex down the road in Mount Olive, North Carolina is considered the largest turkey plant in the nation. Since the 1950’s, Butterball has been talking turkey. And we wanted to keep it that way, so when Buddy Summerlin called and said he needed some parts on a Thursday afternoon, our driver at Piedmont Delivery Service was on the road and driving up to the Mt. Olive plant, arriving at 7:45pm. Staying true to our promise of same-day delivery, we call it The Piedmont Difference!

All My Best,

Eddie Eubanks


Piedmont Delivery Service, LLC


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