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Friday Delivery

Have you noticed that with some companies, it’s not business as usual on Friday afternoons. That’s not the case with Piedmont Delivery Service. Just ask Chad Nesbitt with Georgia-Pacific Building Products in Alcolu, South Carolina. Chad needed a large motor on a Friday night. We can only imagine Georgia-Pacific Building Products is staying busy these days with the high demand of building supplies. Georgia-Pacific has a long history in the South. Founded in 1927 in Augusta, Georgia, they introduced plywood to the South, and now have an entire line of water-resistant products. Piedmont Delivery Service pulled up to Georgia-Pacific with the large motor at 8:30pm. Same-day delivery even on a Friday, once again we deliver on our promise. We call it The Piedmont Difference!

All My Best,

Eddie Eubanks


Piedmont Delivery Service, LLC


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