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Be Prepared

Winter weather has arrived and as experienced and professional drivers, we at Piedmont Delivery Service are reminded of why it's important to always be prepared. Delivering your much needed heavy motors with our specialized transport van, or a routine delivery of a small part, we stay busy on the I-95 corridor. So it was with great alarm that we witnessed the I-95 shutdown last week that stranded motorists and delivery service drivers much like ourselves in Virginia for more than 24 hours. We fortunately were not stranded, but many were left without food and water. The winter storm dumped 12 inches of snow in a matter of hours that overwhelmed some 48 miles of highway. What do you need in an emergency kit for your car? Here are some helpful tips: Pack a blanket, food, water, flashlight, extra batteries, rags, ice scraper, jumper cables, gloves and even snacks for your pets, just in case.

The old Boy Scout motto “Be Prepared” is always a good idea.

All The Best for the New Year,

Eddie Eubanks


Piedmont Delivery Service, LLC


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