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Today's Work Space

PMC is a company that creates work spaces. In fact, they say they believe in creating spaces that work as hard as the people in them. They look beyond furniture and instead focus on your environment. Many times, Piedmont Delivery Service is dispatched as a courier and that was the case just a few days ago when PMC in Greenville, South Carolina needed a bid delivered by noon in nearby Lancaster, South Carolina. A quick turnaround and the bid was delivered with a stamp of 10:27am. In today’s work space, we are experiencing a rare mandate for social distancing and here at Piedmont Delivery Service, we understand more than ever the importance of respect for others and cleanliness. We are all doing our part to think of others, especially our elderly neighbors in this time of uncertainty. For many companies, such as Piedmont Delivery Service, it’s business as usual as we understand more than ever, you may need our help in the world of remote working and those who are on the front lines in our medical community. Please do your part, respect and help your neighbors, and most importantly, don’t forget the easiest way to help everyone by merely washing your hands.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day,

Eddie Eubanks


Piedmont Delivery Service, LLC

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