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The Cat's Meow

Traveling northeast on route 360 from Richmond, Virginia you will find King William County, Virginia. It just happens to be the home of one of Nestle Purina’s factories where they make kitty litter, specifically for Tidy Cats. That’s right, there’s a factory just for kitty litter. In fact, it covers more than 40 acres of land and employs 250 people. When Kyle Dolan called on a Friday afternoon needing a motor, Piedmont Delivery Service picked it up and navigated through the rush hour of Friday afternoon traffic to arrive by midnight to get them back up and running. No coincidence, their address is Tidy Cat Road. So for all of the fur babies in your life, appreciate those who make the litter box a little more bearable, some might even call it the Cat’s Meow!All My Best,Eddie EubanksOwnerPiedmont Delivery Service, LLC

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