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When a Freight Line Won’t Work

Textile Absorbent Products is based out of Greer, South Carolina and makes reusable products such as absorbent socks, pillows, wipes and matting. Joe Candid with Textile Absorbent Products needed some help with sending mats to Tifton, Georgia. He first contacted a freight line and learned the earliest delivery would be Monday. His customer, Heatcraft Refrigeration Products in Tifton, Georgia, needed them sooner. Thankfully, Joe called Piedmont Delivery Service and we were able to deliver the mats on Saturday, just as Christine Henry of Heatcraft Refrigeration Products had requested. Let’s just say Christine was happy when we made the delivery bright and early Saturday morning at 8:40am.

Her message, “Awesome… you do a great job.” Glad we could help, we call it the Piedmont Difference!

Eddie Eubanks,


Piedmont Delivery Service

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