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When Sometime Monday Isn’t an Option

If Monroe, Louisiana sounds familiar, you might recall that West Monroe, Louisiana is the home of the famous Duck Dynasty clan. In nearby Monroe, you will find the home of Pulpmill Services Incorporated. If it has to do with pulp, paper or the supporting industries, Pulpmill Services has probably had a hand in it in the Southeast. Recently, David Herz with Pulpmill Services, needed to replace a faulty worm gear. The freight carrier he first called to deliver the part said they could get it there “sometime Monday”. However, David needed it first thing Monday morning, so he made the smart decision to call Piedmont Delivery Service. Our driver picked up the part Friday afternoon, and made the delivery by 8:30am Saturday morning, leaving plenty of time for the repairs. Pulpmill Services was ready for business “first thing Monday morning”.

Eddie Eubanks,


Piedmont Delivery Service

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