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Time for Breakfast

At U.S. Waffle Company, Incorporated in Greenville, South Carolina, baking is their passion. The manufacturing facility churns out thousands of pancakes and waffles each day. Recently, a faulty bearing shut down the production line, leaving 35 employees without work until the bearing could be replaced. The new bearing was coming from Baldor Electric’s Dodge plant in Marion, North Carolina. Our driver at Piedmont Delivery Service waited for the part in North Carolina and then rushed it to the U.S. Waffle Company, where Waffle’s employees greeted us in the parking lot. The same day, rush delivery put the company back on the production line, putting 35 workers back to work, making everyone extremely happy. For all of us at Piedmont Delivery Service, it’s just another example of the Piedmont Difference!

Eddie Eubanks,


Piedmont Delivery Service

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